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Outdoor Genetics

Mandala #1 crosses

Mandala #1 is an amazing outdoor genetic, built from S.African highland Sativa x NZ Purple Indica & N.Indian Sativa, this blend of landrace genetics infuses outdoor vigor (huge plants), outstanding pest and mold defenses, and a September finish time to all the crosses. A blessing for the PNW and other rainy or harsh climates.

Outdoor THC Genetics (Regular)

*Trainwreck x Mandala#1

  A legendary outdoor strain on the west coast, Trainwreck brings mold resistance, glistening potency and citrus flavor to your garden. Crossed with Mandala#1, the result is a much bigger, faster and more robust plant.

    Late September/Early October finish, regular seeds

*Durban Poison x Mandala#1

  Another west coast outdoor gem, Durban Poison brings wonderful unique flavor, strong mildew resistance, and a souring sativa high to the party. Crossed with Mandala#1, the yield is increased significantly, as well as a September finish, but the Durban Poison flavor still shines through.  

    Late September/Early October finish, regular seeds

*East Coast Sour Diesel x Mandala#1

  East Coast Sour Diesel is my personal favorite Diesel cut, with a powerful sativa dominate high, banging loud gas/chem terpene profile, and beautiful buds coated in potent resin heads. The cross with Mandala#1 gifts you with an outdoor hardy version, built to withstand the wilds, but still retaining the beautiful traits of the ECSD cut. 

    Late September/Early October finish, regular seeds

*Mandala#1 x Mandala#1 (F2)

  This Mandala#1 F2 stock was in part created for me to be able to preserve and save some of this amazing outdoor stock for future work. Her ability to create outdoor hardy plants for the PNW and other harsh environments is invaluable. These Mandala#1 F2, are one of the seeds i would give my grandmother, to grow in her flower garden for her own medicine.  

    Mid September finish, regular seeds

Outdoor CBD:THC (1:1) Genetics (Regular)

*Sour Tsu BX x Mandala#1

  Sour Tsu BX is a plant that Ringo made by backcrossing his Sour Tsunami male that he used a lot in breeding. Wonderful CBD genetics that are well suited for outdoor life. This cross with Mandala#1 creates robust 1:1 ratio CBD/THC plants that that will be worry free outdoor medicine makers for beginners and folks who want to spend less time managing their plants. 

    Late September finish, regular seeds

*Ringo's Gift x Mandala#1

  Ringo's Gift is a plant that one might consider the culmination of his life's work on CBD genetics. An outstanding plant picked out of a vast number of seeds, this genetic is a true gift in the CBD dominate world of outdoor plants. Beautiful medicine filled with love and intent on healing. The cross with Mandala#1 creates our 1:1 ratio CBD/THC plant, with an emphasis on PNW outdoor defenses. Another one id recommend for my grandmother's flower garden.

    Late September finish, regular seeds

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