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Indoor Genetics

Indoor THC Genetics (Regular)

   River Song crosses


  River Song is an amazing genetic that brings top level frost and potency, as well as a beautiful sweet blueberry smell and favor. She is wonderful evening time medicine, where her unique magic goes to work relaxing your mind and body.

*Deadwood x River Song

 Deadwood is an old school Oregon genetic that combines Pre98 Bubba Kush and Sweet Pink Grapefruit into an amazing package that excels both indoors and out. A relaxing body stone that soothes aches and melts worries away. Crossed with River Song the plants are frostier, more potent with a splash of blueberry flavor.  

    60-70 day flower, regular seeds 

*Pre 98 Bubba Kush x River Song

 Pre 98 Bubba Kush is one of those plants that melt your body aches, slows your mind and helps you fall asleep when you need to. For my wife nothing can beat a Bubba cross in the evening. Combined with River Song, the resulting plants are just what the doctor ordered for her. Hard hitting potency, Bubba Kush body relaxation, and a blueberry terpene profile that amplifies the effects of numbing your pains and putting you to sleep fast. 

    60-70 day flower, regular seeds

*Trainwreck x River Song

  Trainwreck is a sativa dominate strain with intense citrus/chemical smells, covered in glassy trichomes and hard hitting potency. Awesome daytime smoke. Crossed with River Song the potency is kicked up to the top tier, her structure is strengthened, and she's gained a blueberry addition to her citrus palate. 

    60-70 day flower, regular seeds

*Death Star x River Song

  Death Star is a very special plant that combines Sour Diesel and Sensi Star into a powerhouse package of great body relaxing properties with a more awake mind set. Perfect for when you need a daytime smoke that will ease your pains without knocking you out. Crossed with River Song, the body relaxing properties are kicked up a major level along with its potency, but most plants still have that awake vibe in the mind that makes it perfect for getting things done, pain free. 

    65-75 day flower, regular seeds

*Durban Poison x River Song

   Durban Poison is a wonderful cut from African landrace sativa lines. She has a quick flowering time, an awesome sativa energetic high, and a distinctive taste. Crossed with River Song her structure is improved massively, buds are denser, frostier and more potent, but the Durban flavor still shines through most phenos.

    65-75 day flower, regular seeds

*Grimmdica x River Song

   Grimmdica is an absolute powerhouse indica, massive buds on massive frames that throw huge weight. On top of that she has a powerful indica bottom stone that works wonders on aching muscles. Crossed with River Song, the potency is kicked up to top levels, and the blueberry addition improves the evening body melt factor.

    60-70 day flower, regular seeds

*Crooked River Blues x River Song

   Crooked River Blues is one of those plants that check every box so hard, that its unfair to compare to most other cuts, its just that good. She produces heavy yields of blue/purple colores buds that smell like grape/blueberry candy, and tests over 30% thc. Crossed with River Song the blueberry terps are reinforced, but the magic of CRB shines.

    65-75 day flower, regular seeds

*Salmon River OG x River Song

   Salmon River OG is outstanding night time body relaxing insomnia killer. A cross of Bubba Kush and Blue Magoo bx, this lady is powerful medicine. Crossed with River Song, structure is improved, potency elevated and the blueberry terps reinforced.

    65-75 day flower, regular seeds

Indoor THC Genetics (Feminized)

   Nasty Mutt feminized crosses:

  Nasty Mutt gets her nasty profile from her mother, Dog Walker, one of the smelliest plants on the planet.

Created by breeder One Eye, Dog Walker blends powerful Chem terps with an insane wet dog profile, culminating into a smell so intense she can sting the eyes. She will simply out stink everything else in the room, and her strong indica leaning high will keep you thinking about her for hours. I crossed this nasty beast with my personal favorite day time smoked, Groovy (ECSD/Headband x Genius/Vortex), for a get shit done, sativa leaning version of the legendary stink queen. With all the Dog Walker terps slamming through, Nasty Mutt brings a flavor bomb to all of her crosses, as well as some extra pep in your step. 

*Goji OG x Nasty Mutt

  Goji OG is arguably one of Bodhi's most successful and well received cannabis creations, with a wonderful blend of red berries and an OG background. The cut used happens to be one that Bodhi himself selected, so its an honor to breed with. Crossed with Nasty Mutt, you get red berries, nasty gassy dog terps, and a wonderful day time high. 

    65-75 day flower, feminized seeds

*Duct Tape x Nasty Mutt

  Duct Tape is a very well rounded modern production strain, with very high yields, top level potency and frost levels, all stemming its now infamous parents, Gorila Glue #4 and Dosido. Wonderful daytime smoke with a focused energy that keeps your mind calm. Paired with Nasty Mutt, you get plants with added nasty gas, busting with frost on massive, towering colas. Definitely checks a lot of boxes.

    65-75 day flower, feminized seeds

*Key Lime Pie x Nasty Mutt

  Key Lime Pie, a unique pheno of Girl Scout Cookies, is not only beautiful, but as her name suggests, she carries the most wonderful lime and cream terpene profile that you could imagine. Relaxing yet brings an instant smile to your face, she is my personal favorite GSC variety to smoke. Crossed with Nasty Mutt, she gets slapped with the nasty stick, but still maintains some of her lime and cream beauty. 

    65-75 day flower, feminized seeds

*Dog Walker x Nasty Mutt

  This one is for those who want to swan dive into the asphalt that is Dog Walker terps. A feminized backcross, one will find all the old school wet dog and chem profiles they could dream for within these seeds. Plus a touch of day time zoom. 

    65-75 day flower, feminized seeds

*Donny Burger x Nasty Mutt

  Donny Burger, a GMO backcross, is basically a new school version of Dog Walker terps. With all the modern frost and potency, this cut glistens with crystals and bangs with powerful Chem and garlic terps. One of the stinkiest plants ive ever smelled (bested only by Dog walker), Donny Burger is potent smoke. Crossed with Nasty Mutt, you get some of the loudest flowers on the planet that pack the punch of true 30% THC ranges.

    65-75 day flower, feminized seeds

*Wandering with Gods x Nasty Mutt

  Wandering with Gods starts with Lemon G, adds some NL#5, and then smashes into Headband. Harnessing the flavor powerhouse that is Lemon G, Wandering with Gods is a truly special plant, packed with bright day time vibe and vigor, she is exceptional day smoke and a powerful anti-depressant. Crossed with Nasty Mutt, you get a crash of 2 flavor titans, resulting in stop you in your tracks terpene profile blends of lemon, mandarin, gas and wet dog.

    65-75 day flower, feminized seeds 

*Jealous of the Moon x Nasty Mutt

  Jealous of the Moon is a Purple Urkle x Headband cross i made for my wife, to help her relax and sleep at night. Wonderful at her job, Jealous of the Moon has those beautiful purple colorings, grape and lavender flavor profiles, and body relaxing, mind easing stone that soothes away your days aches. Crossed with Nasty Mutt, the flowers still keep that evening time vibe, but adds a fusion of nose stinging foulness to mix. 

    60-70 day flower, feminized seeds

*Banana Nightshade x Nasty Mutt

  Banana Nightshade is a select cut of Durban Poison x River Song, that sings with the most wonderful Banana Runts candy smell. Wonderful and sweet, she has become a favorite of mine to breed with, because she passes her banana candy profile so well. Crossed with Nasty Mutt, you get powerful day time smoke, busting with the flavors of sweet banana runts candy, chem and nasty wet dog stink. 

    65-75 day flower, feminized seeds

* The Green Avenger x Nasty Mutt

  The Green Avenger is one of my personal favorite Jack Herer dominate genetics, combining cherry/fruit vibes with skunky haze backgrounds, and a wonderful creative energy into a fast finishing sativa. It represents 1/4 of Nasty Mutt already, so this is really just a dive back into the sativa end of the pool. Awesome day time smoke, full of nasty chem, dog, and Jack Herer notes. 

    60-70 day flower, feminized seeds

*Legend OG x Nasty Mutt

  Legend OG is a spectacular OG type genetic, full of OG flavors mixed with both sweet and sour notes. A solid evening time smoke, perfect for movie and munchies, and maybe a nap. Crossed with Nasty Mutt you still get full OG energy, but with a shouting gross dog bouncing in the background. 

    60-70 day flower, feminized seeds

*Chem 4 x Nasty Mutt

  One of the legendary pillars of the Chem movement, Chem 4 is a frost bomb of a plant, with a powerful high influenced by classic Chem terps, gas, citrus and earth. Responsible for many amazing hybrids, these genetics are royalty in the cannabis family tree. Crossed with Nasty Mutt, the resulting plants are invigorated Chem genetics, busting at the seams with loud gas and stink stank stunk terps. 

    65-75 day flower, feminized seeds

Indoor CBD:THC (1:1) Genetics (Regular)

*Rubber Cement x Groovy

 Rubber Cement is literally the single stinkiest/loudest plant ive ever smelled in my life. It literally smells like the rubber cement you used in grade school. To the point that it will straight up make your eyes water from smelling it. Legit, 100%, the smelliest cannabis on the planet. And its a type 3, aka less than 1% thc. Crossed with Groovy, you get a type 2 plant, aka 1:1 cbd/thc ratio. The balanced spectrum is full of benefits, and with the Groovy, you get a day time sativa smoke that will give you energy, while for some, easing nerves and letting you focus on your task. Creative, happy, sunshine vibe.

    60-70 day flower, regular seeds

*Rubber Cement x Lime 1 bx

  Rubber Cement is not only the stinkiest cannabis on the planet, but it looks amazingly beautiful too! Covered in modern cannabis frost, this is like no hemp you've ever seen, because most of its descendants are actually THC genetics, including River Song/Death Star, Purple Punch/Skunk, and others. Worked to Type 3, and then Crossed with Lime 1 bx, from Freeborn Selections, you get outstanding 1:1 plants, with powerful rubber cement and lime flavors. Incredible mood enhancer and invaluable medicine.

    60-70 day flower, regular seeds

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